Eric C. Billman


October 5, 2013
Time Lapse Show Reel 2013


July 31, 2013:
The Love Language, “Calm Down” From their new album Ruby Red

"Calm Down" by The Love Language, music video from Jonny Gillette on Vimeo.

April 12, 2013:
The Human Eyes video. “Alex”

Directed by
Jonny Gillette

March 28, 2013
Trailer for the feature film, “The Kill Hole” directed by Mischa Webley. Shot on the RED One on a 20 day schedule. Now Released on
Amazon and iTunes.

Feb, 2011
Spent a few weeks in Utah for this video:
You can see the 1080p version

I shot this a while back for Director Charles Nordeen.

Here is the first trailer for a feature called, The Briefcase.

I shot it for director Jason Krawczyk and his production company, Alternate Ending Studios.

It was a one camera shoot with an 18 day shooting schedule using the RED One.

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